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More About Dental Fillings
Mason, OH

3D rendering of three teeth each with a different dental filling material: composite, amalgam, and gold at Frankart Family Dental in Mason, OhioDental fillings are typically used to 'fill' a cavity or dental caries, which are tiny holes in the teeth caused by tooth decay. After removing the decay, a filling substance is used to close the gap. Tooth decay is a result of dangerous microorganisms in the mouth. Bacteria that cause dental caries produce acids or toxins that weaken tooth enamel. Serious tooth decay can significantly damage the teeth, leading to severe infections and, in the worst situation, tooth loss. You can avoid cavities by brushing twice daily and flossing once daily. Visit the team at Frankart Family Dental to learn more details about dental fillings.

Types of Filling Materials

Fillings come in a wide range of options, giving you a variety of choices to select from. Examples include gold, silver amalgam, porcelain, tooth-colored, and composite resin fillings. Your dentist will recommend the appropriate filling type based on the damaged region, decay level, filling material cost, and insurance coverage.

The most durable fillings are made of gold. They last up to 15 years and are resistant to chewing pressure. However, they can result in galvanic shock and are more expensive than silver fillings. Additionally, compared to other filling materials, you will need more dental appointments.
Silver amalgam fillings have a 10 year lifespan. The fillings can endure a lot of chewing and are less expensive than gold. They are more noticeable since they don't have the same shade as your teeth. Around the tooth structure, a grayish hue may also manifest.

Tooth-colored fillings complement your natural tooth structure and provide additional support. You can select the color you want to match your natural teeth because they come in a variety of colors. They are mainly applied to teeth that have been cracked, shattered, or otherwise damaged. Their major drawback is that they can be costly and have a short lifespan. These fillings are also more challenging to fill and are prone to chipping.

Procedure for Dental Fillings

Your dentist will use an anesthetic to numb the affected area around your teeth before beginning the filling process. The decayed area of your tooth will then be removed using a drill, laser, or air abrasion tool. The tool utilized is influenced by the dentist's skill, the size and location of the decay, and the tool's ease of use. The dentist will then get rid of any remaining areas of decay. They will also remove any germs or debris from the cavity. Your dentist will place a liner to protect the nerves if the decay extends into the root. The cavity will then be filled with a filling and polished by your dentist.

Once the decay is removed, and the cavity is cleaned, you must go through a number of additional stages if you want tooth-colored fillings. Each layer of tooth-colored material is cured by the dentist using a specialized light. After the multi-layering procedure, the dentist polishes the filling to achieve the desired results. Visit Frankart Family Dental for a dental filling process. Call us today at (513) 809-1366 for more inquiries.
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