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Dental Cleaning

Older white patient sitting in dental chair calmly discussing his oral health with his Black female dentistDental cleanings are a dentistry procedure that help get rid of plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth, lowering the risk of dental caries, oral cancer, and periodontitis. Cleanings also contribute to the formation of a beautiful, healthy smile. Many people floss or brush their teeth at home using toothpaste and a toothbrush. However, brushing and flossing your teeth alone will not stop plaque and tartar accumulation; thus, you need to visit your dentist for a comprehensive deep cleaning. Professional dental cleanings should be carried out at least once a year, although people with dental problems may require more frequent cleaning. Visit Frankart Family Dental to schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning.

Advantages of Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings offer numerous benefits as it improves your dental hygiene. The most obvious benefit of teeth cleaning is that it brightens your smile and lowers bad breath by eliminating the stains that have built up on your teeth. Polished teeth and fresh breath are the result of removing the stains that have developed on your teeth.

Cleaning your teeth might also help you avoid gum disease and cavities. Plaque accumulation induces tooth decay, and if it remains on your teeth for too long, it forms cavities. Bacterial infections in the gum lines and gums are the most common cause of gum disease. Tooth loss can be avoided by brushing your teeth. Plaque build up loosens your gum line and teeth, resulting in gum disease and, eventually, tooth loss.

Besides, teeth cleaning is good for your general health. For example, gum disease increases heart disease by shrinking arteries due to germs in the gums. Furthermore, if bacteria in the mouth move into the lungs, it can cause bronchitis.

Who Needs Teeth Cleanings?

Professional dental cleaning is an excellent preventative dentistry technique for kids and adults. The procedure should be done two times a year or at least one time a year, depending on your preference. The patients' dental needs determine how often the teeth should be cleaned. For example, some people are more susceptible to issues with their teeth; hence they need more dental visits than others.

Teeth Cleaning Procedure

Your dentist will thoroughly evaluate your mouth, neck, and other facial areas prior to the actual teeth cleaning. They will also inquire about your overall health, dental history, and social background. Your dentist will also perform an oral cancer screening and assess your entire mouth, gums, and teeth for any symptoms.

If necessary, your doctor may request x-rays to look for any anomalies that might call for more care or a referral. After gathering all the assessment data, the team will develop a treatment strategy to address your unique oral needs. There are three stages to a dental cleaning. The first is tooth scaling, which eliminates layers of films or other materials from your teeth's surface. The second step is tooth polishing, which smoothens the surface of the teeth. Lastly, debridement entails getting rid of any tartar build up that cannot be eliminated with scaling.

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Dental cleanings are a dentistry procedure that help get rid of plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth, lowering the risk of dental caries, oral cancer, and periodontitis.
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